The world doesn't care how you are organized. Neither should your communications.

Spin is Dead

Only old-line marketers use spin to communicate and sell messages. Those approaches are doomed to fail in today's highly networked world. They rarely pass the integrity test. Strait Insights will develop communication strategies that reflect today's realities and your values.

Audiences are Indivisible


Separating internal and external communications in your organization or the execution of your communications is an outmoded idea. This approach should have died after the introduction of the internet but many marketing and communications functions are still run this way. We can help you integrate every communication and every part of your organization that communicates.

Speed is a Good Thing

The world moves at light speed. You must do this, too. A decision is better than no decision. If you do not define yourself quickly, others will. If your employees read about you on an external blog before you can create your own messages, it's time to consider another route.

Integrity is Your Biggest Asset

If you don't lead with this, we are not your firm of choice. We recognize that not everyone is working for your company to succeed. We are not motivated by power or politics. We do like to win. We are motivated to do the right thing in every situation. Sometimes this is a difficult call...but it is always the best one.

Strategy is Interesting...but Execution Counts

Strategy documents and ideas are important but only if they live on after the deck is put away. If it doesn't help you make your business objectives, then why are you doing it?


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