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It's important for you to know more about Mike Clement and what he cares about. These are not areas that replicate the template Corporate Social Responsibility sections of a company's website. These are my passions. I would not serve these causes well if I did not use this website real estate to share more with you about them. You won't see my latest "green" effort here or the passion I have for running, but you will get a glimpse into something I believe in very strongly. We are each here to make a difference in the world. In the business environment we are held accountable by our shareholders and investors. In the greater world, ask yourself what holds you accountable? What are your passions?  if you don't have an answer, let's talk about it soon.



For over 10 years I served on the board of Charlotte’s Urban Ministry Center. The Center is the city’s largest outreach to the homeless and includes a soup kitchen, counseling, winter programs that house the homeless in area churches and innovative programs to help create a sense of normalcy for our neighbors. Most importantly UMC is in the business of providing permanent supportive housing. Programs include gardening, art, street soccer leagues and a self-help advocacy group that is lobbying for change in Charlotte and in DC.  I have helped to interview our area’s homeless in an effort to identify the most vulnerable in their population. These individuals are then given consideration for permanent supportive housing. After chairing the board for two years, I left the organization for awhile, in keeping with good governance processes. I am still active in housing issues in Charlotte.

Learn more about homelessness in your community and what you can be doing. I am passionate about this work. I lived in 11 different homes, including public housing as I grew up. Without the support of our family, the single-parent family I grew up in was often only a few dollars away from homelessness.


For six years, I had the privilege to travel many times to the Democratic Republic of Congo to assist a regional hospital authority based in Kananga, two hours flight from Kinshasa. I served on the board of this hospital. The hospital authority is supported largely by the Presbyterian church. While there I have worked with a team of people to develop a new strategic plan for the authority and a staffing model for the hospital.  Through my church, a group of trained consultants have banded together to build a strategic plan for the hospital's future and help it emerge from its recent troubled past. We have implemented new staffing models. This work did not involve a large NGO but we seem to be getting the efforts pointed in the right direction. None of us speaks fluent French. None of us were particularly good painters or wall builders but we were able to apply our professional talents and skills to a business problem in arguably one of the poorest nations on earth. A nation only now emerging from the strife of war.

Learn more about the Democratic Republic of Congo. Find your own Congo out there. It will test you in ways that are immeasurable and i suspect you will make a difference in the lives of many. Although I have not traveled to Congo in the past three years, I remain active in advocacy work and will return in the near future.


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