Case Studies

Case Study 1-CEO Support

A new executive with sales responsibility for North America wanted assistance to on-board in his new role. Strait Insights completed a comprehensive on-boarding plan for the client and created a structured approach to ensure the executive was enabled to meet their business objectives, operating approach and development opportunities head-on. Coaching sessions were completed every two weeks for six months. The client also retained Strait Insights to complete the company’s next strategic planning session, and we maintain a business advisory role that continues to serve as an independent view for the CEO.

Case Study 2-Merger and Acquisition/Change Communications

Partnering with a large firm that supported the broader integration of two Midwestern banks, Strait Insights led the development of the employee engagement and integration work for the acquiring financial services firm. Assessments were completed with senior executives to determine their vision for success during the merger. Plans were developed to create an overall communications architecture and brand that integrated with customer messaging. These plans included actual communications, channels of communications, executive communication routines, transition communication routines and employee event-related activities. Measures were developed within employee pulse surveys and for each of the major communication vehicles that were developed.

In another firm, Strait Insights led a six-month assessment, design and communications/adoption project to ensure a financial services company under heavy regulatory scrutiny was changing its processes AND culture to meet the needs to a new business model.

We are currently engaged in driving out the merger communications for an oil company in a 2.5B acquisition in collaboration with a larger New York based public relations firm.

Case Study 3-Organization Design and Development

Multiple assessments have been completed in a number of companies to evaluate the business requirements and capabilities of core operating units. These assessments included executive interviews, benchmarking and talent reviews to determine the core strengths and gaps in areas such as marketing, communications, and human resources. Outcomes included new organization design, recommendations for new capabilities and elimination of some functions. Effectiveness measures were determined up front. In some cases, Strait Insights helped identify core external capabilities or new leadership talent for the new target environment.

Case Study 4-Crisis Management Capabilities

Strait Insights developed the framework for Crisis Management and Response for a university system. Leveraging the executive team of the university, a new framework for crisis management was developed leveraging the All Hazards planning approach. This approach allowed the university to develop a crisp view of its most likely threats and begin to develop plans to address them. A complete strengths and gaps analysis was completed to ensure core capabilities were present. Strait Insights also assisted in the hire of the university's new business continuity executive.

Case Study 5-Crisis PR-Financial Institutions

Strait Insights has developed a crisis response system for troubled financial services firms. While these firms are not listed as part of our current client base, they have each faced unique challenges in today's turbulent market. Regulatory actions often creates the need for a more proven crisis management approach that addresses the needs of all key stakeholders. Many firms have experience in managing their public relations efforts when times are good but few have faced the stiff headwinds of the past few years. Partnering with senior management to understand deeply the issues, the market and key opportunities for weathering the storm we produced significant results for shareholders.


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